black beauty roster

Education. Opportunity. Advocacy.

representation matters

A collective focused on amplifying the work of Black beauty artists in TV, Film & Editorial. Allies of all Races Are Welcome.


bbr accelerate

A comprehensive course for beauty professionals

who want to take their careers to the next level.

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    The BBR Accelerate Program partners with trusted
    brands and industry leaders to deliver
    fundamental skills and knowledge
    to help you succeed and reach your full potential in the beauty, fashion and entertainment industry.

    BBR Accelerate accepts the most promising
    beauty professionals and provides them
    with the needed tools for success in the industry.

    BBR Accelerate Offerings:
    • Mentorship from beauty industry experts

    • Hands-on training from the very best in the industry

    • Business Side of Beauty

    • Portfolio & Brand Development

    • Mental Health and Wellness


find talent

Find the right talent for your on set or production needs. Talent that

specializes in all hair textures and skin tones



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    Education is at the root of meaningful change

    Master classes and workshops built to support, train, and enlighten aspiring beauty professionals and Industry pros.

    bbr class

    Larry Sims

    Learn the intricacies and do’s and don’ts of all things textured hair from acclaimed celebrity hairstylist.

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      for the industry

      • Textured Hair 101

      • Unconscious Bias and Advocacy Training

      • Color Theory for Makeup

      • Portfolio Vetting

      • Live Classes

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      for beauty

      • Live Masterclasses (Textured Hair Training, Onset Makeup and more)

      • On-Set Training

      • Learn to Negotiate Rates

      • Business & Financial Planning Tools

      • And Much More!


    put yourself on

    The need for diverse talent is higher than ever.

    Join the directory of incredible talent and make yourself

    known to top Industry leaders and brands.

    We create opportunities for artists in these areas.


    Black Beauty Roster's mission is to bring meaningful diversity across the fashion and entertainment industry by amplifying the work and talent of Black Beauty Professionals.

    We believe this can be done by increasing visibility, access and opportunity for Black Beauty Pros, while also educating the industry and non BIPOC Beauty Professionals on textured hair and diverse skin tones.

    We focus on creating opportunities, increasing education to support the industry and beauty professionals, and advocating for talented artists.

    We believe allies are critical to helping create sustainable change in the industry. Allies of all races are welcomed into this community.

    Black Beauty Roster is built on
    Opportunity, Education, and Advocacy


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