Supermodel Anok Yai Calls Out Major Brand for On-Set Racism

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In a brave and heartfelt revelation, supermodel Anok Yai recently shared a harrowing experience of racism she faced on set. Her story underscores a troubling reality that many Black models encounter in the fashion industry: feeling isolated, outnumbered, and fearful for their careers. Anok’s experience is a stark reminder of the long-overdue need for genuine change in the fashion world.

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It’s imperative that the fashion industry goes beyond surface-level diversity and embraces true inclusivity. Too often, diversity is showcased in advertisements to portray an image of inclusivity. However, the reality behind the scenes often tells a different story. The support structures, the decision-makers, and the champions of these diverse faces must also reflect the diversity they promote.

Performative diversity is not enough. Inclusivity must be multi-dimensional, encompassing every aspect of production—from the models in front of the camera to the crew behind it. Anok’s experience highlights a critical gap: the need for a safe and supportive environment for all models, not just the superstars. No one should have to choose between their dignity and their career.

Creating truly inclusive spaces means actively standing against mistreatment. It’s not enough to witness injustice silently; we must speak out and demand change. To champion inclusivity, we must ensure that every voice is heard and every individual is respected, regardless of their background or status.

We must all take responsibility for calling out injustice without hesitation. Additionally, decision-makers must ensure they create spaces where everyone feels safe to speak out.

The fashion industry has the power to set a precedent. It’s time for it to lead by example, fostering environments where diversity is genuinely embraced and inclusivity is a lived experience, not just a marketing slogan. We owe it to Anok and countless others to make this change a reality.

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