Celebrating Hair and Makeup Equity: A NYFW Dinner to Remember

BBR Hair and make up equity dinner

Amidst the bustling energy of New York Fashion Week (NYFW), the BBR x L’Oréal Groupe Hair and Makeup Equity Dinner unfolded as a spectacular event. It celebrated not only the excitement of the fashion world but also spotlighted a significant cause – Hair and Makeup Equity.

The air buzzed with the spirit of triumph, as celebrity hairstylists, makeup artists, equity advocates, activists, supermodels, and actors gathered under one roof, all united by their commitment to Black excellence and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

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It was a night designed not just to celebrate but to acknowledge the seismic shifts towards equity in the realms of hair and makeup, brought to life by the relentless efforts of pioneers in the industry.

Setting the Scene: A Toast to Progress
Imagine stepping into a world where every stroke of the makeup brush and every twirl of the hair curler tells a story of victory and progress. That was the ambiance of the BBR Hair and Makeup Equity Celebration Dinner. The event served as a vibrant testament to how far we’ve journeyed in ensuring that beauty is inclusive and reflects the rich diversity of our society.

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From landmark successes with SAG-AFTRA to legislative changes mandating cosmetology schools in New York to teach about textured hair, the evening was a well-deserved celebration for all changemakers who’ve envisioned a world where everyone feels seen and heard in beauty.

The night kicked off with an artistic hair moment curated by Naeemah Lafond, powered by Salon Centric, showcasing the stunning versatility of Black hair and setting the tone for an evening of acknowledgment and forward-looking aspirations.

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Aweng Chuol: A Model of Advocacy and Inclusion
Aweng Chuol, with her dual hats as a model and actress, shared her backstage beauty experiences, highlighting the strides made and the miles to go for true inclusivity.

model speaks on SAG-AFTRA

Her advocacy work, spanning from raising awareness of the Sudan crisis to championing LGBTQ+ rights, extends into the beauty realm, advocating for a broader recognition of Black beauty in all its shades and textures.

Aweng’s outlook on the future of inclusive beauty, bolstered by initiatives like the SAG-AFTRA hair and makeup equity advancements and Texture of Change’s educational efforts, painted a hopeful picture of a more inclusive industry.

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Ezra Knight: A Voice for Inclusion Beyond Gender
Ezra Knight, SAG-AFTRA National Vice President -New York, brought to light the critical wins in the recent collective bargaining agreement for hair and makeup, emphasizing the inclusion of men in the beauty inclusivity conversation.

He shed light on the inception and impact of the SAG-AFTRA Hair and Makeup working group, highlighting the importance of a comprehensive approach that includes products, tools, and skillsets. Ezra’s vision for the future of beauty equity is one of breaking silos and celebrating diverse beauty standards for all.

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Erica Roberson: Leading Change with Texture of Change
Erica Roberson, the VP of DEI at L’Oréal Professional Products and lead for Texture of Change, elucidated the initiative’s role in promoting beauty inclusivity. She emphasized the importance of accessibility and equity, pointing out the critical role of advocacy, legislation, and corporate responsibility in advancing these ideals. Erica’s insights into moving the needle towards more inclusive beauty legislation across the states set a blueprint for future advocacy and action.

A Tribute to Afro Hair: Poetry in Motion
Vernon Francois’s tribute to Afro Hair through his poignant poem was a highlight of the evening, encapsulating the beauty, history, and significance of Afro-textured hair in a few beautifully crafted lines.

This artistic interlude served as a powerful reminder of the cultural and personal identity woven into the very strands of our hair.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Salon Centric for bringing these creative moments to life. Together, we affirm, “We are Beauty,” embracing the essence of our collective journey towards hair and makeup equity.

A Commitment to Continuous Change
The interactive session, “How will I continue to champion Hair and Makeup Equity,” was a reflective exercise for guests, urging everyone to acknowledge the progress made while recognizing the journey ahead. It was a moment of collective commitment to pushing the boundaries of beauty equity further.

Looking Ahead: A Vision for the Future
The closing remarks by Liliahn Majeed, Chief Diversity Officer at L’Oréal USA, and the profound question posed by BBR founder Maude Okrah left attendees with a forward-looking challenge:

“What will we be celebrating in five years in hair and makeup equity?”

This question served as a call to action, a reminder that while we’ve come far, the path ahead requires our continued dedication and effort.

The BBR Hair and Makeup Equity Celebration Dinner was not just an event; it was a landmark moment in the journey towards a more inclusive and equitable beauty industry.

It was an evening of celebration, reflection, and, most importantly, a recognition of the progress we’ve made and the work still ahead. The echoes of change from this evening will reverberate, inspiring us to keep moving forward, together, towards a future where beauty knows no bounds.

Special thanks to WME, IMG, and Endeavor Impact for their support in creating the magic that enveloped the night. The echoes of change from this evening will reverberate, inspiring us to keep moving forward, together, towards a future where beauty knows no bounds.



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