Evaluate Your Brand: A Quick Hair and Makeup Equity Assessment Guide


In the dazzling world of showbiz, the push for hair and makeup equity is stealing the spotlight. Yet, behind the glitz, a silent struggle unfolds in the makeup chairs — a space where many people of color find their unique beauty needs overlooked. It’s a stark mismatch in an industry that parades diversity.

Recently, significant strides have been made toward beauty equity. The SAG-AFTRA’s latest agreement includes better access to qualified beauty professionals for POC talent, recognizing the unique and diverse beauty needs.

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Similarly, states like New York and New Jersey are spearheading change by mandating that beauty professionals learn and understand how to work with textured hair. These changes aren’t just legal requirements; they are moral imperatives, signaling a broader industry shift towards inclusivity and respect.

Why the Allyship Quiz?

Amidst this changing landscape, it’s crucial for brands to understand where they stand. Our Allyship Quiz is designed to help brands gauge their knowledge and practices around the beauty needs of their diverse talent. It delves into specific areas such as the understanding of hair and makeup requirements for people of color, expertise in handling textured hair, and overall readiness to embrace beauty equity.

How the Allyship Quiz Works

Brands will answer a series of questions designed to reflect on their current DE&I efforts. The quiz scores these efforts and provides immediate, actionable feedback. It’s not just about identifying gaps; it’s about understanding how to bridge them effectively.

Benefits of Taking the Allyship Quiz

Taking this quiz is the first step towards becoming a champion of diversity. It helps brands:

  1. Understand their current standing: Knowing where you lack is as crucial as knowing what you’re good at.
  2. Identify areas for improvement: The quiz pinpoints specific areas where brands can improve, from education to hiring practices.
  3. Prepare for the future: With the entertainment industry rapidly changing, being ahead in DE&I efforts means being ready for more inclusive and diverse future projects.
    Next Steps after the Quiz

Based on the score and feedback, brands can take several steps to improve their DE&I efforts. These might include:

  1. Training sessions: Educating your team, especially those directly involved in hair and makeup, about the unique needs of POC talent.

    Learn more about BBR’s Diverse Hair and Makeup Allyship Training, a first of its kind training program targeted towards decision makers in the industry.
  2. Hiring practices: Ensuring that the team includes professionals skilled in diverse beauty needs.
    Continuous learning: Embracing DE&I as an ongoing journey rather than a one-time fix.
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The shift towards a more inclusive and respectful beauty industry is not just about complying with agreements or laws; it’s about ensuring every talent walks into the makeup chair feeling seen, heard, and valued.

By taking the Allyship Quiz, brands take a definitive step towards understanding and improving their behind-the-scenes diversity efforts. The road to true inclusivity is ongoing, but with each step, the industry moves closer to a future where every individual’s beauty is recognized and celebrated.

So, take the quiz (or share it with those you know), understand your brand’s standing, and commit to making the changes that will ensure everyone, especially our POC talents, feels included and respected in every aspect of the creative process.



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