BBR’s Top 10 Most Inclusive Beauty Brands of 2023: Pioneers of Change

Welcome to the definitive showcase of 2023’s most inclusive beauty brands, as voted by you, the beauty community.

Prioritizing shade range, customer feedback, and representation, we’ve focused on measurable impacts while acknowledging the importance of factors like price range and accessibility, which can vary widely in perception.

Sticking to the numbers and the brands’ online efforts, we present a data-driven look at the trailblazers in beauty inclusivity.

Curious about who’s setting the trends this year? Stay tuned; the next lines might just introduce you to your new beauty obsession!

Danessa Myricks Beauty

Danessa Myricks Beauty distinguishes itself in the industry with a genuine commitment to diversity and inclusivity, showcased through a vibrant array of models and artists on their Instagram. Founder Danessa Myricks crafts products like their specialized highlighters to cater to everyone, rapidly expanding to meet a broad range of beauty needs.

What truly sets them apart is their authentic approach to inclusivity, engaging in actions that reflect a deep desire to serve and represent all communities. This dedication is evident and celebrated by consumers who value support and representation in their beauty choices.

Pat McGrath Labs

Renowned for its luxurious and diverse representation of beauty, the brand’s Instagram serves as a testament to its dedication to inclusivity, featuring a wide range of diverse faces from across the globe. McGrath, who was honored with a damehood, has devoted her career to embracing color across the spectrum, which is vividly reflected in her product line.

Since its launch in 2015, Pat McGrath Labs has been celebrated for its innovative and playful approach to makeup, catering to a vast array of skin tones and pioneering inclusivity in the beauty industry. By 2019, the brand’s value soared, underlining its impact and resonance with a global audience


Fenty Beauty emerged as a revolutionary force in the beauty industry, setting a new standard with its initial 40-shade foundation range, now expanded to 50. This extensive spectrum of colors aimed to cater to an often overlooked diversity of skin tones, effectively initiating what is now referred to as the “Fenty Effect”.

Beyond its product range, Fenty’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in its marketing and social media presence, which consistently celebrates a global community of all colors and identities. The brand’s impact was immediate and profound, earning recognition for its innovative approach to beauty and inclusivity, and setting a new benchmark for the industry.


Since its inception in 1994, Nars has been at the forefront of inclusive beauty, being one of the first brands to feature iconic models like Naomi Campbell and Alex Wek in their campaigns.

The brand’s dedication to providing a wide range of beauty solutions is evident in its extensive product range, including a foundation available in 35 shades and the iconic Orgasm blusher, offered in 32 shades.

This approach highlights Nars’s enduring commitment to embracing and celebrating all forms of beauty.

MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics has established itself as a vanguard of diversity and inclusion in the beauty industry. Renowned for its extensive foundation range that now boasts 60 shades, MAC has consistently lived up to its mantra “All Ages, All Races, All Sexes.”

The brand’s commitment extends beyond its product line to its support for various social causes, including HIV/AIDS, Pride, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Through collaborations with artists and personalities from diverse backgrounds, MAC brings a wide array of perspectives to its product range.

Juvia’s Place

Juvia’s Place is celebrated for its vibrant and inclusive beauty approach, earning a high approval rating for its dedication to diversity. The brand champions African heritage and caters to a wide range of skin tones, reflecting founder Chichi Eburu’s mission to create makeup that enhances deep skin tones with rich, lively colors.

This commitment to vibrant, inclusive beauty, avoiding muted shades, resonates widely, making Juvia’s Place a highly regarded brand for those seeking makeup that honors and amplifies natural beauty.

Makeup Forever

Makeup Forever, with a notable approval rating, is celebrated for its commitment to inclusivity, particularly through its partnership with the French Association for Vitiligo. The brand offers specialized masterclasses to empower individuals with Vitiligo, reflecting its dedication to all aspects of beauty.

This commitment is echoed in their vibrant and diverse Instagram feed, earning them high marks for inclusivity and showcasing their extensive range that caters to all skin tones.

Black Opal

Black Opal stands out for its dedicated focus on women of color, ensuring that those who create and conceptualize their products are reflective of the brand’s diverse clientele. This approach underscores a deep commitment to authenticity and inclusivity in beauty.

With a strong approval rating and high marks for Instagram inclusivity, Black Opal’s social media is a vibrant celebration of melanin-rich skin, featuring a wide array of shades and stories that highlight the brand’s dedication to empowering all women through beauty that transcends skin color.

The Lip Bar

Founder Melissa Butler’s assurance that products are launched only if they complement deeper skin tones highlights the brand’s dedication to inclusivity.

This commitment is not just evident in their diverse shade range but also in their approach to representing beauty in every form, ensuring that their customers, who are central to the brand’s community, are always reflected and celebrated.

Ami Cole

Ami Cole, a black-owned brand inspired by Senegal and born in Harlem, is celebrated for its clean beauty formulas tailored for melanin-rich skin. With a solid approval rating and top marks in Instagram inclusivity, the brand’s feed authentically showcases its commitment to natural beauty.

Each post is a testament to the brand’s dedication, highlighting how Ami Cole embodies its values, ensuring that every product resonates with and uplifts its community.

As we celebrate these brands, we celebrate the movement towards a more inclusive world. Each brand on this list doesn’t just talk about diversity; they live it. Their Instagram grids are powerful portfolios of what beauty looks like in its truest, most inclusive form.

These brands are more than just cosmetic producers; they are cultural changemakers, setting the standard for what the future of beauty should be. Here’s to a future where every shade is celebrated, and every identity is welcomed. Here’s to the beauty of inclusivity!



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