Rising Together: Amplifying the Voices of Beauty Professionals Amid the SAG-AFTRA Strike

The ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, involving nearly 160,000 members, is creating widespread reverberations. Its impacts are deeply felt, extending beyond the immediate sphere to touch the lives of countless beauty professionals, both union and non-union.

We acknowledge and respect the right to stand up for one’s beliefs and fight for what one considers fair, while also recognizing the economic impacts it may have on individuals and the industry. However, we cannot overlook the significant economic effects this strike has had on the livelihoods of many beauty professionals.

In the spirit of solidarity and support, we reached out to some of our esteemed beauty professionals within the Black Beauty Roster community to amplify their voices and highlight their experiences.

And here’s what they had to say:

An impassioned post from a beauty professional on Instagram added another perspective:

A hairstylist from the Union highlighted that:

These stories illuminate the challenges and uncertainties our beauty professionals are facing due to the strike. But more than that, they underline the resilience and fortitude these professionals possess. Each voice echoes a common sentiment: a hope for better days, for resolution, and for the industry to recognize the value of their work.

While we await the resolution of the strike, we ask ourselves:

How can we support our beauty professionals during these challenging times?

Through unity and collective action, we can support each other in these challenging times. Because when one voice rises, it echoes – and when many voices rise together, they create a symphony of change.

Let us rise together, and let us amplify the cries of beauty professionals during this time. The Black Beauty Roster Community is here to provide a platform for these voices to be heard. Together, we can stand strong, support each other, and navigate through these turbulent times to emerge stronger than before.



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