Celebrating the Historic SAG-AFTRA Clause: Beauty Equity is now a Priority in Hollywood!

Hollywood has been in the hot seat for not being diverse and inclusive, especially when it comes to showing different types of hair and skin tones on screen.

But things are changing.

With the recent agreement between SAG-AFTRA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), they’re taking a BIG step toward making sure everyone gets a fair shot at looking their best on screen.

We’ll take a closer look at the specific clauses that have passed and what they mean for both talent and beauty professionals. Plus, we’ll discuss the changes that everyone in the industry should be gearing up for. Let’s take a look at the key provisions and what they mean for both talent and beauty professionals.

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The SAG-AFTRA Clause: A Game-Changer for Beauty Equity

The new SAG-AFTRA clause tackles several critical issues related to hair and makeup equity in the entertainment industry. Here are key provisions:

Download the contracts here.

Opportunities and Challenges for Beauty Equity in Hollywood

While this historic SAG-AFTRA agreement represents a significant step forward for beauty equity in Hollywood, it also presents crucial questions and challenges:

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“It’s a significant step forward, but not the final solution. Time and money are crucial in production, as is education. Why should I keep paying extra when hairstylists and makeup artists could meet these needs? Hiring professionals who can work with all textures is cost-effective and efficient. As diversity grows on screen, it will also increase behind the scenes. We’re witnessing a fundamental shift in industry practices.”

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BBR has played a significant role in advocating for these changes, and we’re grateful to have been part of this historic moment. It’s a testament to the power of collective action and the impact that advocacy can have on shaping the industry’s future.

The SAG-AFTRA clause addressing hair and makeup equity signifies a historic milestone for the entertainment industry. It embodies a commitment to inclusivity and representation, addressing long standing disparities in Hollywood.

Nevertheless, the ultimate success of this agreement hinges on its implementation, sustainability, and the industry’s adaptability to change.

As we move forward, it remains imperative to persistently pose these questions and hold the industry accountable for delivering beauty equity to all performers.

This agreement is a stride in the right direction, and we’re excited to see true representation in front of and behind the camera for all.



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