A complete guide: Must Have Tools and Products for an Inclusive Hair and Makeup Trailer

Ensuring your hair and makeup trailer is inclusive is essential for catering to a diverse range of clients. This not only demonstrates a commitment to diversity but also ensures that every client feels seen and respected. Whether you’re working in film, TV, or any production setting, having the right inclusive hair and makeup products is key to achieving professional and flawless results.

To create this guide, we consulted with makeup and hairstyle experts who have worked on TV with diverse talent. Their expertise and recommendations are invaluable for building an inclusive makeup trailer that meets the needs of every client.

Hair Products for Textured Hair for an Inclusive Makeup Trailer

  1. Wide-Tooth Combs: Prevent breakage and handle curls with care.
  2. Diffusers: Essential for even heat distribution to define curls.
  3. Hot Combs: For precise straightening at the roots and edges.
  4. Edge Combs: To lay down edges for a polished look.
  5. Rat Tail Combs: For accurate parting and detailed styling.
  6. Pick Combs: To fluff and shape afros to perfection.
  7. Flexi Rods & Perm Rods: For creating bountiful curls or curling the ends of braids/twists.
  8. Electric Kettles: For a quick heat source to seal braided hairstyles.
  9. Hair Clips & Sectioning Tools: To manage and style hair in sections.

“An inclusive hair kit means that the products and tools included can be used on multiple hair types and achieve the desired result easily and efficiently.

Angela C. Stevens

Best Brands for Textured Hair Care

  • Mizani
  • Mielle Organics
  • Shea Moisture
  • Miss Jessie’s
  • KeraCare
  • Design Essentials
  • PATTERN by Tracee Ellis Ross
  • Carol’s Daughter
  • Flawless by Gabrielle Union

Inclusive Makeup Products for Diverse Skin Tones

  1. Foundation Range: A broad spectrum of shades is crucial for perfect skin matching. Foundations should cater to different undertones (neutral, warm, cool) and provide options for various skin textures. On-camera work demands foundations that look natural and can withstand studio lights without excessive shine or caking.
  2. Concealers: Essential for under-eye correction and spot concealing. Concealers need to offer a range of shades that blend seamlessly, providing a natural finish that holds up well under studio lighting.
  3. Powders: Translucent and tinted options are important to suit all skin tones. Powders should be finely milled to blur imperfections, control shine, and set makeup without leaving a white cast, especially important for deeper skin tones.
  4. Lip Colors: An inclusive palette includes nudes, reds, and bold colors for diverse complexions. Lip products should be highly pigmented and long-lasting to ensure vibrant color payoff that looks great on camera.
  5. Blushes and Bronzers: Varied hues are necessary to complement every skin tone. Blushes and bronzers should cater to a wide range of shades, offering both matte and shimmer finishes to provide versatility for different looks and lighting conditions.

Want to learn more?

Our Diverse Hair and Makeup Allyship Training is a first-of-its-kind program for industry decision-makers. It helps individuals navigate DE&I in hair and makeup, becoming better advocates for talent of color.

“An inclusive kit needs to have products to meet the needs of all skin tones and types that make it to your chair. The conversation of inclusivity goes beyond only complexion products; it includes blush, highlighter, bronzer, brow pencils, lipsticks, and glosses.”

Michela Wariebi, MUA

Top Inclusive Makeup Brands

  1. Lancôme Paris
  2. Black Opal
  3. Danessa Myricks Beauty
  4. MAC Cosmetics
  5. UOMA Beauty
  6. Mented Cosmetics
  7. FENTY Beauty

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Find the best hair and makeup for diverse talent

For expert hair and makeup artists who have the technical know-how on diverse beauty needs, visit the BBR portal and find the best hair and makeup for your next production.

Representation behind the camera is just as crucial as what happens in front of it. Making the effort to include a diverse range of products and being aware of the needs of different hair textures and skin tones shows a commitment to creating inclusive spaces where diverse talents feel seen and respected.

This not only enhances the quality of the production but also fosters an environment of inclusivity and respect

By ensuring your makeup trailer is inclusive, you prepare for any client and showcase your dedication to diversity and professionalism.



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